By: Michelle Arms

Hello! Let’s talk about supplements for injury recovery!

In the sports arena, it is important to be a high performer on the field. With injuries, every minute of healing counts because time is money. Nutrition is a key component to reducing your healing time.

As always, consult with your physician for any dietary advice. The information presented here is just a taster. There are so many supplements and foods that are beneficial for healing.

Chinese herb Supplements

Ci Wu Jia Supplements (Siberian Ginseng)

This is what we call a “Qi tonic”. You may know it as Eleuthero. It is often used as a long-term supplement to boost energy. Ci Wu Jia great for those who find themselves easily fatigued. In addition, it can boost the immune system and reduce stress. In Chinese medicine, it works on the Spleen, Kidney, and Heart systems. You can find it as a tincture or bulk herb in many wellness shops. Read more about it here.

Dong Chong Xia Cao Supplements (Cordyceps)

We all know about the recent mushroom craze! Cordyceps is one fun-gi backed by research. In Chinese medicine, it is known as a “Yang tonic”. Long-term use shows it improves oxygen consumption and reduces fatigue. Blended up, it tastes great in a smoothie! Luckily, you don’t need much. This one can be expensive!

Zheng Gu Shui Supplements (Bone Setting Liquid)

This one is a topical formula. The strong smell speaks to its healing strength! Field trauma is a great candidate for this. As the name says, it can promote bone growth (and heals tendons). It can be applied to fractures with no open wounds. Read more, here.

Western Supplements

Collagen Hydrolysate Supplements

I have a personal love for this supplement. It has been shown in a 24 week study to improve recovery of joint injuries. Along with this, it can improve overall joint health. As with many supplements, long-term use provides the best results. I have previously used this for knee pain. Due to the pain, I was running 2 days a week at most. Within a few months, I was able to run for 4-5 days a week. You can find this as hydrolyzed collagen peptides online or in store. They are often taken from bovines. However, there are vegetarian supplements with similar functions. Here is the 24 week study.

Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D is what you get from Sun exposure. It can also be taken as a supplement! The best form is as a liquid, often in gel caps. Many studies show Vitamin D greatly benefits healing. One study points out its importance in healing stress fractures. When we train hard, stress fractures tend to happen. They can cause both minor and major pains, which may decrease overall performance. Taking Vitamin D long-term can lessen the risk of injury and keep you feeling your best.

Remember, with Supplements…

They should not take the place of a balanced diet. Eating the daily recommended vegetables, fruits, and protein will also keep you healthy and fit! If you are interested in adding something new to your regimen, check with your provider.