Anna Ramig

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Physical, mental, and emotional health is something I learned to cherish from a young age.  Growing up, a Portland native, I played “hospital” by the hour.  At age two, I met my newborn baby brother with my stethoscope and white coat- thoroughly examining him and his arrival. My brother arrived with many health issues- most of which were associated with his lungs and skin health.  He suffered from asthma and extreme allergies which prevented him from eating most food or wearing normal clothing.  I watched my mother pray, research, consult, and pursue all medical recommendations.  From an early age, I learned that health care encompassed much more than a doctor with a white coat and stethoscope could provide.

Since the age of three, I pursued a ballet career.  Ballet pushes the human body to its limits both physically and mentally.  I suffered a few major injuries that forced me to pursue other treatment options.  I came to this medicine after trying every western medical avenue and alternative care options to reduce my pain- with no relief.    

We all seem to get to a point in life where we feel stuck or up against a wall.  This time came for me around fifteen when pain medication no longer provided relief.  To my great fortune, someone suggested I try acupuncture.  Hesitantly, I agreed.  My life path changed in countless ways after this decision.  I gained insight into my health individually and experienced tangible therapy that connected me more with my body.  Being needled and experiencing new sensations can be scary.  Building trust and working with patients in their healing process is something I really value.  Still not entirely sure how this medicine works- I am in awe of what I see this medicine accomplish on a daily basis.  My passion lies in treating pain, fertility, asthma, and women’s health.  One thing I hope to pass on is helping my patients feel empowered in their healing process, whatever that may be.