Food as medicine, a tasty cure to your cough

 Author – Melanie Hodge 

Have you ever had a cough that you were unable to get rid of? We have all had that cold that felt like it lingered for weeks. A cough that doesn’t go away can make us feel weak, irritable, and depleted. A cough can keep us up at night, thus interfering with our energy and exercise. Most problematic, a long lasting cough can affect our personal relationships and work life. This recipe can get you back to work and enjoying your life to its fullest quicker. This recipe is a gentle way to get your kids through their cough and feeling better by eating healthy sweet treats. Your whole family can enjoy this meal, cough or not!


Food can be your answer to finally getting rid of that cough! Doesn’t it sound nice to use food and herbs in place of cough medicine that can make you feel drowsy? Not only is it effective at stopping cough but its also a tasty treat!



 Asian Pear

-Any pear will work but, because of there density, Asian pears work the best.)

Chuan Bei Mu 8-16 bulbs per pear

Tao Ren 1gm per pear

-Chuan Bei Mu and Tao Ren can be found at your local herbal shop or Asian         Grocery

Honey to taste




 First Crush the Chuan Bei Mu and Tao Ren, set aside. Wash the pears, cut the tops off so that they can be placed back on top during steaming process and core each pear.

 Fill the cored pears with the crushed chuan bei mu and tao ren and add honey to taste. Then place the pears on their bottoms onto a steaming tray into a pot of boiling water and steam pears.


Eat one pear per day for breakfast if cough is worse during the day or for dessert if cough comes on at night.