Jaymi Costanzo

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Education and Intention

Jaymi Costanzo is currently studying Chinese Medicine at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine with intentions of practicing as a licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist, and a Shiatsu body worker after she graduates in 2020. She currently holds a certificate as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) from the Nutritional Therapy Association. Jaymi  truly enjoys guiding people on their respective journeys to a healthful life. Her projected emphasis of practice is to support and educate patients on how to effectively change their lifestyle patterns, including dietary changes and movement practices. The therapy will include nutritional guidance founded on individual constitution, Qigong, breathing exercises, mindful body techniques, and sleeping protocols. By making changes that last, she hoping to help individuals combat food and seasonal allergies, digestive distress, sexual dysfunction, sleeping disorders, side effects of aging and/or medication, as well as generalized pain.


Journey to Health

Jaymi personally discovered the importance of nutrition and self care in her life when she was continually incapacitated by allergic reactions and in constant chronic pain at 18 years old.  By 19,  she bagan teaching herself how to cook and shortly after, landed a job in a Fine dining restaurant in Ashland, OR. It was in Ashland that she accomplished her Bachelors of Art (BA) at Southern Oregon University. Many years following and after much international travel, she found herself working in a small yet very busy San Franciscan market called Bi-Rite. Jaymi spent years there buying and selling produce, working with local farmers, seasonality, taste, and with her community. In the end, community and family are what brought her back to to her home state, Oregon.


A Brief Introduction

As a Portland Oregon native, Jaymi loves spending her time eating good food and playing outside. She often commutes by bike and takes long walks through one of the many beautiful parks in the surrounding area or to local plant shops. But when the skies aren’t as clear, you can find her at a local yarn shops or somewhere inside, knitting or crocheting.  Intermittently during the week, she can be spotted tending to her indoor plants. In your future encounter with Jaymi, she hopes to help you find your footing in your own garden called life.