Acupuncture is amazing at treating joint pain.  Daily joint aches and pains become more and more common as someone ages.  Common causes of joint pain are often due to overuse, inflammation, degeneration and autoimmune diseases.  Arthritis is a painful inflammatory condition that affects millions of people in the United States.  Another common cause of joint pain can be related to diabetes and neuropathy symptoms in the hands and feet.  Traditionally, doctors prescribe anti-inflammatory and pain medication.

Those looking for a more natural way of relieving pain, trying acupuncture is an amazing alternative.  Acupuncture is especially successful at treating inflammation based joint pain.  Using local points on the hand, as shown above, is amazing at providing pain relief as well as restoring sensation.  Sometimes, needling into the area of pain can be scary for a patient, but with acupuncture, there are many other options to achieve pain relief without direct therapy at the inflamed site or location of pain. 

Acupuncture achieves pain relief by releasing natural endorphins and increasing blood flow to the area to help with inflammation and healing and joint mobility.  For some patients, Electro- Stimulation or “E-Stim” can be even more powerful at lowering pain levels and increasing sensation.  E-Stim acupuncture deliverers an electrical current to deeper tissue by connecting them to needles placed on acupuncture points. 

Those dealing with long term joint pain and arthritis can have higher rates of depression.  Depression coupled with pain can make pain symptoms harder to treat.  Acupuncture offers an whole body approach to treating the patient.  Acupuncture can treat symptoms of depression and in turn lower pain levels for these patients. There are many things patients suffering from joint pain can do to help manage their symptoms.  Some simple things to do include; mild exercise, avoid over stress, manage weight, heat and cold therapy, self massage, and stopping smoking. The Mayo Clinic also suggests Acupuncture for joint pain and arthritis pain relief.