Lilianne Orlet

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My interest in the body & its finer workings began at a very young age. The way we move, grow, age, and the nutrients that fuels us along the way- it has always amazed me how beautifully complex we are. I grew up being mesmerized by the way my muscles would ripple beneath my skin when I moved, how the different foods I ate affected me in various ways, & how my complex machine could alternate between health & illness, sometimes like clockwork & other times seemingly random. After years of mysterious symptoms that appeared to be unrelated, moderate bouts of sickness, various trips to specialty clinics, & a handful of misdiagnoses- I tried acupuncture & Chinese herbs for the first time. After that first treatment, & my subsequent healing I dedicated my life to discovering the methods of ancient Chinese medicine & the power of these strange little needles. At the same time I also fell in love with yoga- drawn in by the graceful movement & structured strength it offered- which furthered my interest & understanding of the body as a whole being with constantly morphing bits that were intimately connected by a strong yet ethereal thread. Armed with a background in psychology & nutrition, I moved to Portland in 2015 to pursue a degree in acupuncture & Chinese herbs & haven’t looked back since.

Through personal experience, many hours of class & clinical training, and reading the classic texts of this artful science, I’ve gained a thorough understanding of the multiple paths to the mountaintop that is both physical & mental health. By incorporating several different modalities including the therapeutic massage styles of Tuina & shiatsu, cupping, moxibustion, Gua Sha, as well as tongue, pulse, and facial diagnosis, I gain a well rounded & informed understanding of my patients in order to better serve them in their journey to wellness.