Melanie Hodge 

I have always known I was a healer and would one day make an impact on peoples lives by listening, caring, and meeting them where they are at in life. I have a passion for nurturing for people animals and plants. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has helped me to do this in a way that is fulfilling, joyful, and effective. I love watching the transformations of patients from their first visit to their fifth and so in.  After my first experience with acupuncture, I left with an undeniable feeling that Chinese Medicine is what I wanted to pursue.

Growing up with a twin and a built in best friend, has fostered a need to find a deeper connection in life which I have found in learning and practicing Chinese medicine. I have lived most of my life in Portland and naturally have become inseparable with the beauty of Oregon and its wild landscape. I find healing in nature and want to help my patients find their own path to healing. I have always carried a deep love for the ocean and am happiest where the sea meets the land, in more recent years I have been drawn to the mountains and all the beauty at heightened elevations. People who also have found healing in nature will feel at home and heard in my environment.

I love working with athletes and active people who want to become more connected with their bodies and its innate ability to heal and re align itself. Through acupuncture, asian bodywork, and herbs I would love to help you find a more balanced life. Before I started school I was working as a receptionist in a wellness center. There, I had the opportunity to see the transformation that patients went through during a treatment. Helping others live their best lives by feeling better in their bodies and ultimately finding a more balanced life.