Ketchum is a beautiful, mining town nestled at the base of the Sawtooth National Forrest in Idaho.  It is one of the top ski destinations in the nation but the summers stole my heart 5 years ago. The town triples in population during the peak seasons and there is a beautiful peacefulness when it rebounds to a small amount of locals that have chosen it as their permanent residence. The saying around town is that to live there, you either have three houses or three jobs. I offer a special kind of facial rejuvenation to those looking to refreshed their skin after a weekend of hiking and mountain biking in the arid high desert.  Sun Valley Lodge offers acupuncture to the visitors and wealthier locals in a spa setting and I bring bigger city knowledge to this growing small town.

Although, I love making people feel pretty from the inside out, I also have a passion for helping teenagers mange the current torrent of stress and anxiety never seen before. Even in this idyllic town where there seems to be everything, there are the struggles that plague youth nationwide. As a teenager, I remember feeling a torment of emotions and not knowing what they meant or how to handle them.  I was trying to assert myself as young adult and didn’t want the help of my parents.  After all, I knew more than them because I was the wise old age of 13 years old!  I didn’t want to confide in my friends about my dark feelings because I felt they were burdensome and “uncool”.  This left me with the feeling that I had nowhere to turn.  Group acupuncture is proven to instill a sense of community, calm and increase wellbeing. I offer group acupuncture for teenagers and pre-teens to de-stress and check in about their lives…or a place to just be.