Natalie Shaw

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My actress mom met my psychologist dad at a Buddhist meeting in Venice, California in 1972. I am given the sparkly name “Fortune Baby” because I was born into a family of practicing Nichiren Buddhists that raised me in the small community of Topanga Canyon in the mountains of Los Angeles. Because of the close proximity to Hollywood and my theatrical mother, it was only natural that I would beg her to let me try my luck as an actress. She warned me that it was a serious commitment and I might have to miss my prom, my math test, my best friends birthday or any other event that was important to me. She was right. And even after all the torture of rejection and near wins, I think it was worth it. I was able to claim some big victories, earn enough money to pay for my Bachelors Degree at Sarah Lawrence College and struggle my way into who I am today. Somewhere along the way, I was diagnosed with a severe case of Crohn’s disease, which increased my already rich ground for personal challenges. This is the journey that led me to Chinese medicine and offered an alternative to the western approach that was ineffective and damaging to me. My conviction in the validity of this medicine grew exponentially with every passing month after I enrolled in Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. I have seen patient after patient take these ancient practices and add another success story to the long history of case studies. I was always a fan of the Nancy Drew Mystery series as a child and I have found patient cases elicit the same excitement for me. Acupuncturists are always looking for that missing clue to reveal the WhoDoneIt piece to the root cause of the illness. I believe in the inseparability of mind, body and environment. The wellness of the whole system depends on the strength of its moving parts. I hope to guide every patient that comes through my doors closer to achieving their wellness goals, after all, my psychologist dad always knew I’d make a great healer.