A quick way to stop or reduce those pesky hiccups from the littlest infants…and adults!

 By Sarah Wobig


Hiccups are the worst! I’ve had them so much throughout my life that I feel like I’m now a pro a reducing hiccups from infants to adults. I’ve spent over half of my life working as a nanny to so many wonderful families. I love to connect the tools I learn while working with kiddos with Chinese Medicine theory. However, for anyone who may need a quick and easy way to reduce hiccups (someone else’s or your own), try this method. Especially the next time you’re making those awkward noises in the middle of a class, movie, elevator, or anywhere else where it’s strangely quiet. Or, when that sweet little kiddo of yours is so lovingly keeping you up at 3am. 

The theory behind this is to find the back muscle that is in spasm when the hiccup happens.


Place one hand over an infant’s entire back. Every time they hiccup you will feel a little area of muscle that seems to jump out and spasm more. Gently massage that area and the hiccups will reduce. Soon the little nugget will be back to harmonious stomach rhythm once again, or at least for another few hours.


With adults, the same method applies, but you may have to have a buddy help you out. Have them place one hand on the left and right sides of your upper back. Have them give you a good little rub down in the area where they feel a spasm. Soon enough the only thing you’ll be thinking about is finishing that beer that most likely gave you the hiccups in the first place.


Check out this how-to video on this method of reducing hiccups and see if you can name the celeb guest star:)


Fun Fact: The muscle spasms typically happen in areas of the back that correspond with major Spleen, Diaphragm and Stomach points in Chinese Medicine 😉