Sarah Wobig

Call the OCOM Clinic at 503-455-0950 to schedule an appointment. 

Sometimes I wish I had a fun story about how acupuncture changed/saved/rescued my life like some others. I often hear about people who fall in love with Chinese Medicine and acupuncture because of how well the medicine worked/works for them. My experience with this medicine was slightly different, mostly in the way that it basically slapped me in the face and commanded me to love it. In the best way possible.

I started my acupuncture career at PCOM in Chicago in 2013. However, this was mostly just a front so I could live in Chicago and/or eat deep dish pizza as often as I wanted. I started that program unknowing of what to expect in any way, and boy did I learn quickly. After completing almost two years of the program, my brain, body and every part of me need a break. So I took a year off, did some traveling, dyed my hair, declared I was a new woman…you know, all the things you do when you break up with someone you love. But after a year of reinvigoration, some deep soul-searching that may or may not have included some glasses… *cough*…bottles of wine, I found my way to Portland and OCOM and will graduate in 2020 with a Master’s degree in Chinese Medicine.

I love treating patients with psycho-emotional complaints, including depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, obsessive disorders, and addiction.

Outside of the clinic, you can find me reading books about magic, listening to podcasts about serial killers, watching drag queens spill some tea, or jumping on a last minute flight for a quick getaway…usually on a stressful, work/school-filled, ill-timed week where my brain is too bogged down by my spleen deficient dampness to make appropriate decisions:) Cheese: what’re you gonna do?

I like to sneak my way into a patient’s heart and get them to fall in love with this medicine like I did. And since I’m sure you were wondering, the way into my own heart is through chocolate cake, elephant tchotchkes, and clothing-optional beaches.