Stacey Hayes

Call the OCOM Clinic at 503-455-0950 to schedule an appointment.

I attended the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine and received my masters in acupuncture and Chinese herbs in 2020. During my education, I was exposed to various modalities of treatment and I found a passion for body and energy work in the form of Shiatsu and sound healing techniques as well acupuncture. I found Shiatsu and sound to be a lovely accompaniment to the work of acupuncture and I love to engage my clients in the beautiful exchange of energy surrounding and within them in an effort to help remind their bodies how to flow smoothly and dynamically within it’s environment through these practices. I desire to meet you where you are on your journey to help you find your way to what your picture of your best health feels like and to only go as fast or as slow as you are comfortable.
A session with myself will include a thorough interview, where I will ask you a series of questions designed to help me gain a clearer understanding of you and your health experience, and you will have the time to speak with me about any concerns, interests, questions or simply life experiences you feel are relevant to your health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we diagnose by observing your tongue and feeling different positions of your pulse (I am looking for more than just your heart rate so don’t be concerned if I linger longer than a few seconds, this doesn’t indicate anything negative but is simply a technique used to gather information.) I will also feel your abdomen, only if you are comfortable with this, using the “Hara”, which is a Japanese diagnosis tool. I do this to confirm my pulse diagnosis and use it as a tool to guide your Shiatsu session. You will lie either face up or face down, or in a reclining chair if you are not able to comfortably lie down, and your session will include gentle bodywork and typically 2-10 needles according to your primary reason for visiting and your diagnosis. I will incorporate both crystal bowls and gongs as a means to raise your personal vibrations to better receive the treatment at various times throughout your session. I will also often include the use of tuning forks that are held directly to your skin at specific acupuncture points and give off a gentle, soothing vibration. All of these techniques are optional and you are more than welcome to opt out of any of them if you would rather.
While I am open and love to work with anyone that happens to find my practice and resonates with my work, my specialties include working with people whom would like to focus on anxiety, depression, trauma experiences and also women’s health, specifically endometriosis and PMS.
Outside of the clinic, you will find me enjoying all forms of storytelling, from literature to film to my truest passion; science fiction. If you ever want to chat with me about the answer to the ultimate question of the universe or the scientific basis for wormhole theory, I will happily oblige! If not at a random sci fi convention, I can likely be found happily petting random people’s adorable dogs because they are kindness incarnate.
Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have or to make an appointment and thank you for your time! I look forward to meeting you!