Your content post text goes here. Edit or remove information on the content post in this section.  It is best to use paragraphs and paragraph heading for your content post.  The editing team will edit your post however you are responsible for the SEO.  All you need to do is upload your image and upload your text.  Then follow the guidelines in the YOAST plugin to make your article SEO friendly.

Having 300 words in your post is vital for full grades. Not 299 words but 300 words.  Having the key word and phrase is also a major component to this assignment.

Use the heading tags and make sure the meta description is clear about what you are offering

 Keep your Content Post Sentences Short

Keep your sentences shot and eliminate any long words. There is a readability guideline if you would like to follow that however you will not be graded on this process. Just the main SEO components of creating a post.  Here is a link to Yoast.

You can add internal links and external links in your post to help with your SEO score.  You have to turn the light green. This would be an example of an external link yoast.

Here is an example of an internal post home page

If you have problems turning the light from grey to red to orange to yellow to green then look at the yoast instructions and the lesson lecture notes to see how you can improve the score on your yoast SEO

Sometimes it is tempting to just use 290 words however you will see how important it is that you go over the 300 word minimum

Content Post Image

you can also add information to your image so that it shows up in search engines. This is a little more advanced but if you have time you should investigate this feature. That way your images will appear in google searches.

Choose a topic that you enjoy writing about so that it sounds interesting to the reader. If it is not interesting then guess what they will keep clicking through to the next interesting article.