Summer is a time for joy and laughter. The sun stays out longer, and people are more active and full of exuberant yang energy. On the flip side, the nights are shorter and our yin rest time is shortened as well. During this time sleep issues or insomnia can become a big concern and burden. Without sleep, people can experience fatigue and irritability, and it can affect performance at work or at school. Acupuncture treatments can be very effective in treating sleeping issues. Even if you cannot make it to regular appointments to treat and manage sleep, here are tips and tricks to help make sleeping an easier process to tackle. 


#1 Tea Time

Try adding tea to your nighttime routine. There are various teas you can try such as chamomile, passionflower, and lavender, and they are available at your local grocery store. These teas have properties that can help relax the body and allow sleep to come more easily. Having a cup of tea before bedtime is an easy and soothing step to try. 


#2 Limit your screen time!

We live in a day and age where technology and electronics are everywhere. Phones, Laptops, TVs, and all sorts of screens are on all the time. It may be tempting to scroll through your Facebook feed or to watch some Netflix while winding down before bedtime. This may sound like a relaxing time, but in reality it may not be the best way to help our bodies wind down and relax. Electronic screens stimulate the brain so it can’t take a break. Also, the blue light hinders melatonin production. Melatonin is an important hormone for sleep. It promotes proper sleep but it actually needs darkness to be produced. Cut back on your screen time to activate that melatonin!  


#3 Acupressure 

If you can’t make it to an acupuncture appointment to help your sleep, try some acupressure on yourself. Massaging and stimulating acupuncture points that are used to calm the body and promote sleep can be very useful. One point is called Spirit Gate. It is on the palm side of the hand below the pinky finger and right at wrist crease. You should be able to feel a hollow space right around here. The second point, Gushing Spring, is on the sole of the foot. You should feel a depression right in the middle of the foot at the base of the second and third toes. Ask your acupuncturist for more points to add to your list!


Author: Stephanie Jung