Wet or Dry Brushing

By Sarah Wobig

Wet or Dry brushing is made for intense exfoliation and increasing circulation throughout the body. These brushes contain natural bristles and ergonomic handles for maximum comfort, massage and exfoliation. Wet or dry brushing also aids to detoxify the body by improving circulation within the lymphatic system and encouraging lymph drainage. Using these brushes helps improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins and can be used for both wet and dry brushing!

There is a slight difference in sensation between wet and dry brushing. The main difference is that dry brushing has a stronger exfoliating power so feel free to choose whichever feels better to you!

To use:
Simply massage in wide circular motions on areas of the body to improve stagnant or stuck blood or qi. For a more intense experience, use sweeping strokes of the brush over the entire body for full invigoration and exfoliation! Use in the shower for easiest results. If brushing for the first time, the sensation may be a little intense, especially with a brand new bristle brush. Don’t continue if anything is uncomfortable, but it is normal to feel a mild scratching sensation as the bristles move across the skin. Mild redness may also occur but should soon dissipate.


Personally, I have used dry brushing as a way to exfoliate deeply, as well as get my blood flowing to start my day off with great energy. Clinically, I have also seen many people benefit from the use of dry or wet brushing. Patients report feeling increased energy, less fatigue, less pain, smoother skin and much more!

Along with the ample health benefits of wet or dry brushing, most importantly, it’s actually really, really fun to do! Enjoy yourself!


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