Zarah Penaloza

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My name is Zarah and I am passionate about helping individuals reach optimal health and well being with Chinese medicine. I graduated from Whittier College, located in sunny California, with a Bachelor’s degree in Neuropsychology and a minor in Molecular Biology. I assisted Whittier College’s neuroscience department with Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis research. Shortly after I graduated college, I applied and was accepted to a Masters program in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at Pepperdine University. At the time, it seemed like the obvious path to take since it aligned with my academic background and interests. However, after interning at a rehabilitation center I discovered that I wasn’t passionate about therapy or counseling. My passion found me when my mother was diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. Western medical doctors had difficulty managing her inflammation (flare ups) and pain. After a year of aggressive western medical treatments I searched for alternative healthcare practices. Thankfully, a Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist was able to provide my mother with safe and effective pain relief and symptom management. In the course of three months, my mother’s health improved significantly and she was able to perform daily tasks on her own. She no longer needed me to care for her daily. I was deeply impressed with Chinese medicine and after a few months of shadowing a mentor I applied to the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.

I will be starting my intern year in September 2019. I will be providing a number of services including acupuncture, tuina massage, shiatsu, cupping, moxa and herbal prescription. I am educated in Chinese and Japanese diagnostic and acupuncture techniques. I also practice electroacupuncture, teishan therapy and painless contact needling. I attend seminars outside of my academic schedule to become a better and well-informed practitioner for my patients. In Chinese medicine, we believe in treating the “root” of disease or illness while also providing symptom management. My goal as a practitioner is to help my patients thrive by enhancing their physical and mental health.

In my free time, I enjoy being in nature, listening to the sound of crashing waves along the Oregon coast or being surrounded by trees. I am also a gamer and I’m currently obsessed with League of Legends and Fortnight. On days that I’m busy or exhausted I enjoy spending some floor time at home with my guinea pig, Chopper. I try to spend most of my free time outdoors since I spend most of my time at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, working hard towards becoming a holistic healer for my community. Chinese medicine is a wealth of ancient knowledge and I look forward to applying what I’ve learned to benefit the health of others as it has benefited me.